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We had one of the busiest weekends ever.
Between both girls, we had 5 soccer games (in 95+ degree heat) and we had 2 birthday parties to attend. 
We are all wiped out, my kids were all in bed by 7:30 last night. 

Here is some THIS & THAT for your Monday:
THIS weekend my Colorado Buffaloes upset Oregon in football.
THAT win was huge for us. HUGE. We have been "rebuilding" for almost 15 years. It made me even more excited for our visit to Colorado next month for my college soccer reunion & also to go to a football game. I can't wait!

THIS has been my favorite mug for the past few years. I have the "m" and I give them as gifts all the time.
I heard THAT they are discontinuing them because they came out with THIS initial mug:

I love giving those initial mugs to my kids teachers & attaching THIS printable:
I would love it if a student gave me THAT new monogram mug to add to my collection. I think I will do THAT for my kids teachers this year for Teacher Appreciation!

THIS heat wave we are having here in California is awful. It was 97 today & will be 100 tomorrow.
Weather THAT is over 85 degrees makes me grumpy....especially when it is Fall. But, as I have said before, even though the calendar says Fall is here, I don't start putting out Fall decorations or make Fall recipes until October 1st. 
Clearly, California still thinks it is Summer. Ugh. #overit

THIS amazing Rodan + Fields deal ends THIS Friday!
You can also get results like THIS!
If you buy our Redefine Regimen & AMP Roller, you get a box of Acute care for FREE!

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 All our products/tools come with a 60 day empty bottle 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose for trying it out!

What is your biggest skin concern? I'm here to help!
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 In a few weeks I am heading to Las Vegas for our Rodan + Fields convention & we have a Gala on Saturday night. Mario Lopez & Andy Cohen are our 2 hosts for the evening and Meghan Trainer will be performing. SO excited! Which dress should I get for our gala
THIS....Dress #1

 or THAT....Dress #2

Since it is in Vegas, I am all about the sequins :)
Which one do you like best?

Last week was the start of Fall TV Premiere Week.
You can read my post about my Premiere Week TV Line Up HERE

 Several months ago they started showing previews for the new show "THIS is Us".
From the previews, I had high hopes for it.
I watched when it aired on Tuesday night.
It was so good THAT I watched it 2 more times this past week.
Once with my younger sister on Friday and then a 3rd time with Kevin this weekend.

It totally surpassed my expectations. And...my expectations were high!

I don't know the last time I was this obsessed with a TV show....and it's only been the pilot episode.
I have never watched a series premiere THREE times in one week.
But, THIS show? Yes.
The 1st episode will stay on my DVR until the end of time.
It is THAT good.

 If you haven't watched it yet, you need to...ASAP.
So, so good.

Don't forget What's Up Wednesday is THIS week.

Link up with  me, Sheaffer & Shay!

Here are the questions we answer the last Wednesday of each month:

Those are the questions & our bonus question is:

What is your favorite Fall recipe?  
Have a GREAT Monday.....and go watch THIS is Us!!!!


Healthy Chicken Salad with Mandarin Oranges & Cashews

I don't know about you, but I am always looking for quick & healthy ideas for my lunches!
Most of the time I make an egg scramble or a turkey sandwich.
Every once in a while I will make a batch of Chicken Salad for the week so that Kevin and I both have lunches for the week.
This is my favorite Chicken Salad recipe...and it's HEALTHY!!!!
 Spoiler alert....I don't use mayo...I use greek yogurt!
Here is what you need:
- 2 or 3 chicken breasts, cooked & shredded (I use my Life Changing Quick & Easy Shredded Chicken Method for this)
- 2 or 3 ribs of celery, diced 
- 1/2 cup diced onion
- 1 cup of cashews, chopped 
- 1 can mandarin oranges, drained (I save about 1/4 cup of the juice in case I need to add more liquid to the chicken salad. It also gives it a more citrus-y flavor)
 - Salt & pepper, to taste
- 1.5 cups of Plain Greek Yogurt (you can use 0% or 2% fat)
You can't even tell that greek yogurt is used in place of mayo.
Just like Jimmy Fallon, I feel this way about mayo:
Mayo is so Ewwww!
 Cook & shred your chicken using  Life Changing Quick & Easy Shredded Chicken Method
This is seriously the best way to cook & shred chicken!!!
After you put your shredded chicken in a bowl, add the rest of the ingredients....plain greek yogurt, diced celery, chopped onions, chopped cashews, mandarian oranges & pepper:
Stir it all together.....
Then I cover & keep in the fridge until I am ready to serve it. I usually make a batch of this on a Sunday night & use it for lunches for the week.

Kevin loves this Chicken Salad on croissants with tomatoes from our garden:
I like this Chicken Salad as a salad with lettuce & tomatoes.
 You can add a drizzle of raspberry vinaigrette to the salad to give it some tangy-ness.
Now you can enjoy Chicken Salad without the guilt!
I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do!

I have also made this for baby showers/wedding showers. It is the PERFECT make ahead dish for a shower. You can double it if necessary if you are making it for a party.

Have a great weekend!


Show + Tell Tuesday {Favorite Blog Posts}

Today I'm excited about the topic of Show & Tell Tuesday...we are sharing our favorite blog posts!
Thanks for the fun link up Andrea
I have had fun going back and looking through some of my blog posts.
There are a few I knew I wanted to share.
In no particular order, here are 10 of my favorite blog posts:

I think sharing my most embarrassing moment EVER has to be on this list.
I mean....it was EPIC.
Can you guess what happened......
 I am glad I can laugh about it now. 
Read about it HERE
 I loved  my post "Yes, I am one of those Moms"
 I actually got nominated as one of Blogher's Voice of the Year for that post. Crazy!
I wrote about how I am one of "THOSE" moms who likes to make holidays/birthdays/etc special for their kids.

Birth Stories!!! 
I am OBSESSED with birth stories!
We didn't find out what we were having until they were born, so it was extra fun!
 Here are my kids birth stories:
 Kate (HERE)
 Claire (HERE)
 Luke (HERE)

I am also obsessed with baby names, so here is my post on why we chose our kids names:
Kate & Claire (HERE)
Luke (HERE)

I think this might be my all time favorite post.
It's called "Relish Your Role"
I wrote it after hearing a sermon at church.
At that time in my life I had A LOT of working mom guilt, so the sermon was perfect timing for me to hear and on that post I wrote from my heart & it felt so good to write about it.

When I confessed that I HATE Pumpkin Spice Latte's. 
Yes, it's true.
I love all things Fall & all things pumpkin except that nasty PSL. 
You can read about it HERE

 I loved writing about How I was the BEST MOM EVER....and then I had kids.
 Read about it HERE
As you know, I love posting recipes, so here is the most viewed post on my blog "Easiest Dinner Ever"

 This recipe has been viewed almost 2 million times. WHAT?!?!?
And, it is my most controversial post....it is the post I have gotten the most negative comments on. You either love this recipe or you hate it. 
We love it...It's one of my go-to recipes. And, it's the easiest!

Basically, I love my slow cooker & use it at least once a week during the school year.
Here are a few more of my favorites....
Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas (HERE)

Slow Cooker Broccoli Beef (HERE
 Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili (HERE)

And, of course 2 of my FAVORITE cookie recipes:

Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies (HERE)

Best Snickerdoodles Ever (HERE)

In the past 8 years since I started blogging, I have posted over 150 recipes (!!!!)
You can see all my recipes in my Recipe Box tab or click HERE

You know I love throwing parties.
The most "popular" party & most viewed party that I have thrown is Claire's Cowgirl Party.
    I must say, that is probably my favorite party I have thrown also.
It's been almost 5 years since I threw that party and I think there is still some hay in our backyard from all those hay bales....Sorry Kevin ;)

Some of my other favorite parties have been:

Luke's 1st Nautical Birthday Party (HERE)

 Kate's Pizzeria Party (HERE)
I also really loved her Pancakes & Pajamas Party (HERE)

 You can see all my party posts HERE on the party tab!

Anytime I make a free printable, I get excited to share it with you guys!
It's one of my FAVORITE things to blog....I love being creative & sharing ideas with you!
I have  over 30 free printables on my blog.
The most popular downloaded ones have been my Christmas Cookie in a Jar Printable  
A close 2nd to my most downloaded free printable is my Thankful for You Pumpkin Bread Printable:
So, there you have it....some of my favorite blog posts that I have written over the past 8(!!!!) years.

I am sure I missed a few of my favorite posts, but I didn't have time to look through ALL my posts over the years.

Edited to add:
I can't believe I forgot 10 on 10!!

ten on ten button

This is one of my VERY favorite things to blog about.
You take 10 pictures on the 10th of the month
One photo every hour for 10 hours:
Documenting a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!
I have been participating in this since October 2008....so for the past 8 years, I have done 10 on 10 posts....Those are by far some of my Favorite posts!
You can see all my 10 on 10 posts HERE

I will say, that I miss really sitting down and writing like I did in some of those posts like "Relish Your Role",  "Yes, I am one of those moms" and "I was the BEST MOM EVER. Then I had kids" 
I love writing those types of posts....I really want to start writing like that every once in a while.

If you made it through this post...Thank You!
Can't wait to read some of your FAVORITE blog posts!


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